Of all the things in life that there aren't enough time for, being afraid is one of them.

First off, if you know me, you know my writing stems from a darker place. But thats also where I thrive. I'm in love with all the sad songs, movies, poems & the tragic hero trope. Pain can be an amazing building block for personal change. 

Of course pain sucks, maybe i'm romanticizing it too much. It's kind of like surfing. At first you're having a great time, riding the wave of your life. Next minute you're in the undertow, tumbling beneath the waves, grasping for air with no sense of direction.

But in the end you'll make your way to surface, grab your board and paddle out again.

So talking in more metaphors, imagine your life is a boat. You're sailing along, everything is fine then a storm hits and everything is turbulent.

Do you keep on sailing and hope for better weather? 

Or do you turn back and head for safer waters?

Truthfully, I can't pretend to know which is right or wrong.

But the worst thing you can do is stay stagnant. Heres a little excerpt to explain things further:

"Sometimes the boat gets hit,
 sometimes the waves crash hard,
 But even if the ship should give;
 The sailor never does."

Keep paddling out there, regardless. Thanks for reading!