Where You Want to Be.


It wasn't that long ago that I sat down with someone close and answered 36 distinct questions that map you out as a person. Recently I started thinking about these questions, before I thought it was super gimmicky. How could anyone know me intimately through 36 questions?

Theres one specific question I still think about, "What would constitute a perfect day for you?". Well, here it is!

I'd be somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, somewhere close to Portland or Seattle.

I'd wake up in my beautiful craftsman home, completely modernized on the inside.

Still mostly asleep I reach for my glasses, and proceed to get up.

I place my feet on the antiquated wooden floors, with each step a small creaking sound.

It's somewhere between 60-65 degrees inside so I throw a hoodie on as I walk to the kitchen to make my first cup of coffee.

I pull out a bag of snobby, high-priced, whole bean coffee,  a digital scale & measuring cup.

Opening the bag, I deeply inhale the scent of the whole beans. Thinking to myself, "why can't coffee taste as good as it smells?"

I carefully pour the beans into the measuring cup and place it on the scale. As if the beans were worth their weight in gold. Watching the digital numbers spike up and down before calming themselves and agreeing on one number.

Across the kitchen are two pups still sound asleep. They're not ready for a full day of playing, eating & napping.

I pour the beans into an electric grinder and turn it on, immediately the noise catches the attention of the pups as their ears perk up.

Still not ready to get up, they writhe their bodies. Trying to position themselves in a way that blocks the noise.

Next, I pull out a metal kettle.

Slowly filling it it up with water, I take a look at my phone. The various good morning texts from friends and family, but I ignore them. I'm not awake yet.

I turn the range on & put the kettle on top, hearing the liquid inside come to life as it starts to slowly warm to a boil.

Then I take out a Chemex & metal strainer in preparation.

After gently pouring the ground beans into the strainer, I walk over to a couch where a good book & stack of papers are waiting for me.

I stare in amazement that the stack of papers survived the night and weren't torn to shreds by either pup in the middle of the night. 

At this point in my life I transitioned to being a Science teacher, the stack of papers equating to an afternoon spent with my head down and red pen in hand.

But thats not today, I choose the book instead. " Candide" By Voltaire.

Just as I'm cracking the book open ready to devour the words written by a philosopher from the 1700's the kettle whistles loud.

At this point the pups are annoyed. They both get up from their cozy pillows lumbering slowly into my bedroom. After one or two tries they jump up on my bed and continue to get their much needed rest.

I walk back over to the kitchen and gently pour the water over the coffee grounds.

As the water rises I wait for it to settle, as the golden brown liquid begins to collect at the base of the Chemex.

Pour. Pause. Pour. Pause.

The cycle continues.

Soon I have enough collected to make a healthy cup of coffee, wondering if it was worth the one and effort?

After the first sip I'm reassured, my efforts were well worth it.

I walk back over to the couch, set my mug down on a coaster, turn the fireplace on and pick the book up.

I think to myself, this is exactly where I want to be.