Output & Input


Input is equal to output, right?

Many of us have grown up hearing that energy can neither be created nor destroyed (excluding nuclear reactions), it just changes form. Why are human's any different?

Well, I think as a society we've changed to expect so much from the things around us that the input is now greater than the output. 

We're conditioned to seek instant gratification. Even I'm guilty of being irritated when a package from Amazon takes the full 5 business days instead of 3.

With texting its even worse. We expect those we're close to to reach out to us, check in with us, make plans etc. Before this people used to call, and before that people wrote letters which would take even longer to get to your recipient.

Imagine sending a letter to someone right now. Knowing it'd take a day or two to get to them, and how long it'd take them to write something and send it back to you. Maybe a week in total.

Let's dig a little deeper, follow along for a moment.

If you were born in the early 90's like me you grew up seeing technology completely revolutionize how we interact with each other. Amazing tools designed to bring people closer together so we can share experiences and connect worldwide.

Growing up my father told me people lived in "bubbles", you used to read the newspaper to get an idea of what was going on in your surrounding area. Often times these views were very skewed one way or another. I guess news outlets never really changed in that sense. 

But if you got your hands on a bigger publication, say the New York Times you got a bigger picture of what was going on around you. It helped paint a picture of what was going on in the world around you.

Earlier last year Microsoft released an AI Facebook/Twitter bot. It was first brought to Japan (tech capital of the world, also my all time favorite place). The company saw that the populace using this AI was treating it much like a pet, with respect and care.

Then the next step comes, the AI is introduced in North America and if you haven't heard this story, things took a major turn for the worse.

The AI once introduced in the U.S. started abbreviating words, then adapting to the locals. "You Are" turned into "U r", but thats not terrible. The trouble is when the AI turned into a hate bot, spewing racial slurs that were unspeakable. 

Needless to say the AI was taken offline, just not fast enough. You should try searching for the screenshots of it's hate-filled Tweets. They're truly abhorred.

Computer Learning is an incredibly powerful concept and tool if leveraged in the right ways. However, my personal opinion is that we're just not there yet.

These tools were designed with the best interest in mind. They're meant to bring people together, not divide.

Right now you can go on Instagram and search tags related to the awful events that happened in Charlotte, NC. Whats worse is you'll see posts from individuals defending what happened, encouraging it.

You'll see things that make you question your faith in humanity.

In my experience growing up bullies didn't hide behind keyboards. They came right up to you, told you what they wanted to say and one of two things would happen next:

1. You'd get into a fight

2. Someone would back down

I almost long for those days again. Days where I didn't care that I didn't get a text from someone I wanted to hear from. Days where bullies didn't harass people anonymously and spread hate-speech.

Maybe I'm just thinking too much,  but maybe thinking this way is a byproduct of the environment I'm in.

Personally, I'm working on letting go of things I can't control. Letting the Input equal the Output.

And if the Input doesn't equal the Output, fuck it.

Let the Universe do what it does best, not give a fuck about anything.