The Dark.


It's important to have "me" time, which is something I've discounted up until a few months ago.

I had a really good, purposeful talk with a friend about how we felt our lives were just going on and how we weren't living to our fullest extent.

But after thinking about it more, I realize it's not true.

A very important lesson I learned a few months ago is celebrating the victories you have, no matter their size.

A "victory" can come in many forms, maybe you and your special someone didn't fight for a few weeks.

Thats awesome, don't discount it.

When I take a look back at the adventure's I've gone on sometimes they don't seem to matter. 

Yeah, it's cool that I drove out to Joshua Tree at night a few times, hiked through the desert at midnight searching for the perfect shot.

But on a specific trip the group i was with also got a flat tire that would've spiraled the night out if we let it.

How cruel is it that our minds gravitate to negatives? 

Maybe not everyone has a mind like this, but it can be a certain type of hell.

Never being satiated with what you have, always wanting more.

Sometimes we all just need to sit back and be content with our experiences & celebrate our victories.

But in that time it would be wrong not to think about events that didn't go your way. Don't fixate on it, learn from it.

Otherwise it's a slippery slope downwards.

The sad truth is whatever problems we're facing at this present point we may not be able to fix overnight, or in the short term. And thats OK!

We can remain positive that we're on the right track. That these obstacles in the way are meer road bumps and learning opportunities for us to overcome for our growth.

Because in the end everything will figure itself out for the best, seriously.

I guess what I'm trying to say is take a second out of your day, everyday, and remind yourself of all the good you've done for yourself and others.

Balance the negativity with positivity.

Because focusing on the issues and trying to problem solve everything ain't no way to live.

You're not Atlas.